Sell Your St. Petersburg House Fast During a Divorce and Move on With Your Life

We’ve all seen that list of major life stressors, and divorce and moving are both on the list. When you got married and bought your marital St. Petersburg house, you never imagined you’d see the day where you had to move on from both a relationship and a home. Selling a home during a divorce is hard, but at the end of the day, if you can make a fast and easy home transaction, both people can move on with picking up the pieces of life and recovering their joy faster.

Take Assessment of Your Needs

When couples are ending a marriage and moving onto financial decisions, they need to determine the desired outcome with the home. Is it to settle a mortgage? Is it to sell a paid-off property to split the asset? Are there other financial stressors such as a pending foreclosure which could potentially be avoided?

To List or Not to List

If you go through a real estate agent to list the home, you will pass through the waters of a traditional sale- appraisal, showings, fielding offers, home inspections, repairs, and all the other associated costs with the sale of the property. If a home is in tip-top shape, this may be the best way to get the most from the home, although you do have to weigh the time, energy, and stress of enduring the process.

You may try to list and find this out or you may already know that your St. Petersburg house has costly repairs and clean-up and you don’t have the resources to take care of these to prepare the home for a traditional sale. Both people going through the divorce are likely looking at legal and other expenses, so home repair expenses may be a lot to throw on top of the other costs of divorce. Your time might also be very stretched, as you bring this chapter of life to a close. There is another option to consider.

A Fast and Easy Option

An experienced cash buyer like Property Solutions of Tampa Bay, Inc., has been helping people in St. Petersburg for years to navigate many unforeseen life situations including selling a house during a divorce. We can take an assessment of your home and talk with you about your needs. We can provide you with a no-obligation offer to see if a quick sale of your home is a good solution for you. You will not need to make any repairs or do any cleanup of the house. We handle all of this for you. You can get a fair offer, have cash in hand, and both of you can move ahead with living.

We are always available for a conversation about your property or to answer any questions you may have before you make the important decision to sell during a divorce.  We’re real people who work with real people in the local St. Petersburg area. We want to be a resource to those in our community and help answer your questions without any obligation. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or by phone at  727-528-4687.

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